about the park

The Montauk skatepark is a 20,000 square feet custom concrete park built by Pivot Custom in 2022. The park has four main features: A flow bowl; a street section; a snake run; and the kessler pool. It also has an array of other skateable features including rails, manual pads and natural granite boulders. The park is designed for all levels of skaters and is open during daylight hours. The renovated skatepark is an update to the original park that was designed by New York Skateboard legend, Andy Kessler and was built in 1999. The renovation process began in November 2020 and was completed in August 2022.


Respect the Skatepark! NO GRAFFITI ! You are responsible for any & all trash you bring into the park. If you see trash lying around, pick it up & throw it out.


The Montauk Skatepark is a skate at your own risk skatepark. New York State recognizes skateboarding as a hazardous recreational activity, meaning you understand the risk and are liable for any injuries you may incur. Full pads and a helmet are recommended at all times.


The Montauk Skatepark was renovated in 2022 by Pivot Custom, a division of American Ramp Company. The pictures to the right show the renovation process during the spring and summer of 2022.


Advanced Skate Clinics

We will be hosting an advanced skate clinics throughout October and November! Please Contact us for more information on how to join!

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Skate Night Fridays

Every Friday the Montauk Skatepark coalition will be hosting a skate night to bring the community together where beginners can learn, friends can be made and good vibes can be had.

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Andy Kessler Day
Memorial Skate Contest

Hosted by JJ Veronis & Will Angiulo, The 2nd annual Andy Kessler Memorial Skate Contest went down on Saturday, September 24th! This year we had $5,000 in cash for Men’s & Women’s at the Montauk Skatepark!

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Are helmets & pads required?

The posted New York state rules state that skaters must wears helmets but this park does not have supervision enforcement. This is a skate-at-your-own-risk park.

Are helmets & pads available at the park?

The Montauk Skatepark Coalition has a limited selection of pads and helmets that are available for use at the park. The pads will be located near the shed in bins.

Is there an entrance fee to use the park?

No, the park is free to all users.

Are BMX bikes and scooters allowed?

Yes. But electric or gas powered scooters or bikes are not allowed.

Is the park open at night?

No, the park is open only during daylight hours and closes at sunset.

Is music allowed in the park?

No, amplified music is not allowed in the park.

Are pets allowed at the park?

We love your dog, but not at the skatepark. No pets please.

Is there water available?

We hope to have a water station installed soon. Until then, bring your own water.

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