The Montauk Skatepark Coalition was founded in 2021 to support the renovation of the Montauk Skatepark.

Andy Kessler skating the original pool in montauk

The original Montauk Skatepark was designed by the New York skateboard legend Andy Kessler and built in 1999. The Montauk community came together in 2020 to commence a renovation of the original park in a public/private partnership with the Town of East Hampton. The renovation was completed in 2022.

Tito Porrata of Pivot Custom was the designer of the renovated park. Pivot Custom (a division of American Ramp Company) won the bid for construction of the park, and they completed the job on-time and on-budget in August 2022.

80% of the funding for the renovated park came from private sources - chiefly donors who made direct contributions, as well as proceeds of art auctions, merchandise and Skate Day events. The Town of East Hampton provided the other funding. The skatepark is situated on land that is owned by New York state and the site is administered by the Town of East Hampton.